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Director |Producer |Cinematographer

Habitat for humanity .png

Nov 2021

Habitat for Humanity 

Habitat for Humanity promotional video. Simply, they help house families. Very humbling experience to be able to work with their team. 


February 2022

AJW Recruitment promo

AJW is a logistics company that is growing at a rapid rate! So we decided to show a variety of places you could be traveling too. From the cities to mountains. We will be adding more to their promo video in the future! 

Screen Shot 2020-05-05 at 3.12.42 PM.png

July 2019

Kimi and Hayden's


Shot in the beautiful Appalachian mountains, the rushing water, and natural views add a serene setting to shoot. Congratulations to the  Richardsons! We shoot commerical staged weddings for marketing content only. 

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