Shoot your own media with professional equipment


Sony A6300
Kit Lens
1 for $5 or 4 for $15
64 Gb SD Card
5 inch Monitor
Wireless Mic
Wireless Mics (2X)
Rode Mic
Portable Lighting
$5 per light
Photography Lighting
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The Basics 

Camera W Lens


W/ Rode Mic 


W/ Wireless Mic


Full Bundle Package

includes everything above for $220

a $250 rental value 


Rental Agreement

All rental equipment is checked before and after rentals. The customer is responsible for returning the equipment back in the same condition it was given. If there is damage to the equipment, the customer is responsible for buying the equipment at current market price. If the customer is late, a $20 charge is added each day. Extensions of rentals can be negotiated between Elias Rauch Media and customer. Do not put equipment in too hot or too cool of locations, equipment cannot function wet, charge only with equipment provided, only clean equipment with cloths/tools we provide. Customer assumes all responsibility with the contents of the equipment and will return contents within rental agreement.